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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Disney World Resort: Disney's Animal Kingdom

My philosophy is that we are all children. Some are just a little older than others. (Some much older than others.) What better place to work than a playground. I had the opportunity to work at Disney World in Disney's Animal Kingdom. You might say that I had a wild time there. It was through the Disney College Program. Recruiters come to a variety of colleges and univerities in the nation to hire students for this internship. While working at the park you can also take classes at the Disney University. I bet less than 1 in 1000 people knew Disney World had a University. If you go long enough you might graduate with a Mouseters degree or a Ducktorate. :) Just a little Disney humor there. Working there was one of the greatest experiences of my life. I could tell you stories until your ears fell off of all the good times we had. If you need any vacation tips, you know who to call on. If you are a student and you need a break from college I suggest you try out their college program. Fairy tales and pixie dust not your thing? You can always go to Universal Studios, Sea World, Cape Canavral, or many of the beach to the not so far east and west.
Now for your Gee Wiz Collection of the day:
The Kilamanjaro Safari Ride in Disney's Animal Kingdom is 106 square acres. That is big enough to contain all of Disney's Magic Kindom park. The size of Disney's Animal Kingdom is so large, it could hold the Magic Kingdom, EPCOT Center, Disney Studios (MGM), and all their parking within it's boarders. Stay tuned next time for more.


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