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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Disneyland's 40 Years of Adventure

One of the greatest memories and experiences I've had was when my family when to Disneyland in July of 1995. The 17th was Disneyland's 4oth anniversary and we hit it right on time. My mom, a microbiologist for the BYU Health Center, had a conference there for a week, so for six days we got to play in the park. It was remarkable, magical, and more excitement than we've ever hoped for. On the monorail from the Disney Hotel to the park, they handed out birthday hats to all aboard. The first 500 or so people into the park through the gates got free T-shirts. They handed out cupcakes for free all day. I'm not sure how long it lasted, maybe all month, but for at least the week we were there. I loved staying there all day, and when we got tired, we went back to the hotel, and then later back to the park. It stayed open until late at night and we took in all that we could. Our favorite family activity was to translate all the writings on the walls of the Indiana Jones ride. If you wanna know, ask me what it says. The Lion King parade was magnificent. There wasn't a part of it that wasn't. I'd love to return because now they've added California Adventure and Downtown Disney. I can't believe It was 11 years ago. I'm getting old, but never to old for a wonderland. One of the greatest excitements of all was a time capsule they buried and they will open it in another 40 years. I've made an oath to myself that I'll take my family back there on that day to see what is taken out the day I saw it put in. Have a magical day!


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