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Thursday, May 04, 2006

DAK: Disney's Animal Kingdom

One of the greatest things about having a job at Disney World is the particular job you had. I'm sure we would all like to get the pay that Mike Eisner or Al Weiss gets, but they don't get the fun of mingling with the guests. My job was custodial. Most people thougth that would be the worst job you could get but I thought it was the best. Maybe I'm just biased. Even thought I had to sweep up trash, empty the cans, and clean up protein spills (puke), I still had the opportunity to walk around the park, and not get stuck behind some consession stand or ride. I also could talk freely with the people instead of having some memorized dialog to regurgitate over and over. My roommate drove the safari trucks on the kilimanjaro safari ride. I wanted to do that so bad, but after a while he said he got sick of it. When I asked how work went, he would reply sarcasticly, "Oh, I drove around in circles again all day!" Us custodial cast members (as we were called) were the network of finding lost children, since we were walking all over the park anyway. It was a blast, every minute of it.
Another Selection For Your Gee Wiz Collection:
The day of the year that has most guests at Disney World is on Easter. Most people are off work, and other will skip religious services for a vacation. Christmas comes in second place.


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