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Friday, May 05, 2006

Disney Cruise Line

If you have been on a cruise before, you may know the excitement that I had while on the Disney Cruise. It was the coolest trip I've ever been on. When I got on board they asked my last name. Once I told them, the cast member (disney employee) announced in the mircophone, "Let's welcome the Deming's aboard the Disney Wonder." Many cast members in the lobby started to applaud. I felt like a king! As soon as we got on, we headed to the beach blanket buffet. I'm not sure how to describe it in one word except for WOW! So much food and only a little amount of stomach space. I couldn't even sample all that was there because of the quantity. One remarkable, artistic item we saw were watermelons with designs and flowers cut into them. We set off to sea out of Port Canavral watching a few dolphins and sea turtles swimming aside the ship. When the horn blew to make way, the horn plays the first two measures of "When You Wish Upon a Star". The top of the ship had three different pools; one for children, one for families, and one for the adults. At the bow there was a basket ball half court. It was chessy yet fun to do a reinactment of the movie Titanic at the front of the ship. The restaurants on board were excellent. The service was spectacular. On waiter started doing some magic tricks. I think my favorite part was to be on the top deck at night looking at the stars, the twilight of the horizion, the depths of the ocean, the wind on my face, and standing next to a pretty girl. Our destination: The Bahamas, so stay tuned.
Another Selection For Your Gee Wiz Collection:
Disney owns two cruise ships: One named Magic and the other named Wonder.


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