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Monday, May 08, 2006

Paradise Island

The next day on the Disney cruise, we made buff at Nassau early in the morining. We could tell where we were from our stateroom by our television. There where channels that showed where the ship was on a map and another that showed a view from a camera on the top deck. We spent the day walking the streets declining all sorts of trinkets from the residence there. I believe they make their living of tourism. There was a part of it that made me sad to see all these rich folks stroll among all these poor folks that sell necklaces, clothes, blankets, etc. for just a couple of bucks. The other sad thing about it is that you can bargin the price in half because more often than not, they will take what they can get. We made our way to a transport boat to Paradise Island, an island just shortly to the northeast of Nassau. It is a beautiful place. On the island lies the popular resort Atlantis. It almost seems as if it was the lost treasure of Atlantis. One of it's rooms is a bridge that connects the two buildings. That suite cost the big bucks, usually only used by royalty or celebrities. The beaches were great. Crystal clear water; heaven on Earth. While we were on the beach, we made sand creatures that eventually got washed away by the waves. That evening we returned to the ship for a wonderful meal.


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