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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Disney's Castaway Cay

The next day we landed at Disney's own island, Castaway Cay. It was so beautiful. It was wonderful to have an island all to ourselves, just the guests on the Disney Cruise. They made the island perfect. Palm trees were planted just right so they could hang hammocks up all along the beach. It is seperated in to the family beach and the adult beach if they don't want to be around all the children. The water was absolutely warm and crystal clear. I recommend you bring snorkling equipment. There is much to do: water skiing, parasailing, snorkling, swimming, sunbathing, and again, we made sand creatures. We made a turtle and a dolphin. Everyone thought it was so cool. A little girl wanted to make her own so she mad a small simple dolphin. She was adorable. The food was most excellent. What a dream it would be to live there. One of Disney's logo is, "If you can dream it, you can do it." "It all started with a mouse."


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