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Friday, May 12, 2006

My Disney College Program

I thought I would mention a little bit about my time at Disney when I participated in their college program. Recruiters come to universities and colleges all over the United States. You listen to their presentation and then interview like a normal job. (If you plan on doing it, I suggest you be very peppy in your interview and say you love to work with people. They like to hear that.) There is a whole list of job you can be assigned to. I did custodial and I thought it would be the worst job but it turned out to be the best. Like I may have mentioned I got to be around the guests and not stuck behind a ride. I was excited to go down there. I met a couple of guess at the Orlando airport when we arrived, both whom I had seen at the Salt Lake and Las Vegas airports as well. We ended up being roommates. along with five other guys. We began as the best of friends the first few weeks. (Time has a way of letting people get to know each other too much.) Natuarlly there was a bit of drama, which is expected when eight strangers start living together, but in the end, we are all still very good friends even though some of us don't keep in touch. "Friends come and go with the few that remain."


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