Disney Mania

Friday, April 28, 2006


Hi this is my first post. Well, it is my first day at work at 10XMedia in Provo Utah. I needed a summer job since I don't get workstudy in the summer. I've been working with some of my professors on campus and have done some research with them previously. I wrote part of a report for the State Department on Utah Lake: Mineral Resources and Hydrocarbon Potenial. Last summer I did some research in Santaquin about fractures and stresses in the metamorphic complex there to see if there was any relation to the Wasatch Fault.
In truth, I feel a little like Josh Baskin played by Tom Hanks in the movie "Big" when he grows up and he gets a job working with computers. I'm learning all sorts of things I never new about the internet, computers, and the whole works. We work in connection with real estate agents. One such place to visit if you don't mind hurricane weather is Ormond Beach, Fl. It's a great little place just north of Daytona Beach. Enjoy the environment but stay out of the crowd, am I right folks. Heck, Disney World is just down the road. Next time I'll talk to you about when I worked there. Loved it!!!