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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Darwin, Darwin, and Darwin

One thing I like about my name is how unique it is. There are not very many people that have the name Darwin, but there are a few. I've heard of a few older gentleman with that name, but none my age. Every time some met a Darwin that knew me, as soon as they saw me they would explain they met another Darwin. This name recognition happened often while working at Disney World. The first was when I asked a family if they would like me to take their picture for them so they could all be in it. One of the little girls saw my name, tugged on her mom's pants and pointed at my name tag. Her mom saw my name and said, "Oh look, just like on The Wild Thornberries." Another time was when I was sweeping near the Flight's of Wonder, a bird show at the Animal Kingdom. I was chatting with another cast member when I here a lady in the Flights of Wonder say into her microphone, "I would like to introduce you to a good friend of mine, Darwin!" I spun around thinking all these people were going to be staring at me, but she was talking about an owl she was presenting. But the one I thought topped them all was when I guest asked me to take his picture with his friends. He saw my name tag and said, "Your name is Darwin?" I replied an affirmitive. He said, "My name is also Darwin!" It was neat to meet someone with my same name that was my same age.


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