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Monday, June 12, 2006

Oh George!

When we first arrived at our apartment, Randy, Jason and I, we checked out the four rooms to see which one we wanted. Three of our roommate had already been there, but were not there themselves. The first room we went in had a little Lilo and Stitch shrine. It had recently come out and I guess this guy loved it. The next room was kind of messy with all his stuff spread all over. The other room that had been occupied looked well kept. He had a picture of himself with girl that he took to what appeared to be a school dance. Randy didn't want to end up with some wierdo and thought this guy looked okay. Jason and I dibs the room that wasn't occupied. We are both LDS and thought it would be nice to share a room with someone that shares the same beliefs. By the end of the day we meet our other roommates and George was Randy's. Turns out that he deciede to be homosexual, which I don't support, but I don't condem him as a person. He once kissed me on the cheek and I made it clear never to do that again. He was really funny at times, but often thought he was the badest thing that landed in Florida. While we were working at Disney World, he managed to burn a hole in a cookie sheet, kick a hole in our wall, and light the oven on fire. All we could say is, "Oh George."
Another Selection For Your Gee Wiz Collection:
When Walt told his wife that he wanted to build an amusement park, she asked why and stated that they were so dirty. He responded, "That's the point! Mine wouldn't be."


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