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Thursday, May 25, 2006

Disney Quest

During the first week we were at Disney World on the College Program, we got the opportunty to go to Downtown Disney and go inside Disney Quest. Disney Quest is a four story building full of all sorts of games, many of them video or arcade games. I felt like a kid, not just in a candy store, but in a candy store with loads of money. The great thing is once you pay to get in, all the games are free. I went will almost all my roommates and another guy that we made friends with while we were there. One of our favorite games was a Pirate's of the Caribbean game. You're on a boat and the screens all around you look like the ocean. One person steers and you have places for sick people at cannons. We would have competitions amongst our group to see who the better pirates were. We compared scores at the end. All in all it was so much fun. I highly recommend Disney Quest for someone of any age.


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