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Friday, May 26, 2006

The Mouse

"It all began with a mouse." That is one of Disney's infamous lines in rememberance of what Walt Disney had created. From his imagination to giant theme parks over the world Walt's legacy and his imagination lives on. Yes, it did begin with a mouse. Mickey Mouse, that is. On November 18th, 1928 he, Mickey, began his 68 years of fame in his first production Steamboat Willie. Of course he has evolved much like the rest of the world. But every good mouse has a great mouse at his side. Minnie, his long life companion has stuck with him through thick and thin. What a pair they make. At his birth, he almost took on a different name. Mortimer Mouse was what they wanted to call the little guy, but Walt felt that didn't quite fit a mouse with such ambitions. He knew this mouse was going places and he needed a name that was a proper fit to his soon to be life style. Mickey was chosen and has become known world wide. Here to a good man, a good mouse, and many years to come! Cheers!


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