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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Room Inspection

We lived in Chatham Square while on the college program. It's owned by Disney World as well as some others that they use for the college program. About once a month they would do a room inspection in our apartments. They noted the condition that it's in, if maintenance needed to be done, check any pest contol needs, and make sure overall that you're not bustin' the place up, breaking the rules. Luckily many of us liked to be clean and tidy in the first place. Our roommate Aron was our lead man; he'd make sure the place was spotless. Through out our inspections, one of the ladies said that it was the first time she ever saw an apartment with eight guys so clean and to receive a reward for it. See, each time you had a superior check on your apartment, they gave us little rewards. They got bigger and better each time they checked us off. The first thing we got was a "Clean Room Club" pin as shone in the picture. We also got an "aplaus-o-gram" which is a really good compliment and goes on your permanent record. God job, boys!


  • Hey Darwin, this is Taryn from WDWforums...you know, the LDS, soon-to-be Custodial CM! Thanks for posting everything you have, it's been entertaining and insightful :-D

    By Blogger Taryn, at 12:46 AM  

  • Thanks Taryn, it's my pleasure! You're going to love it down there!

    By Blogger Darwin, at 1:07 PM  

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