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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Chatham Square Marti Gras

Another fun activity we had was during Marti Gras at our appartment complex, Chatham Square, while I was on the disney college program. They are good at continually catering to their college program students. In the field in our complex they set up all sorts of activities. Most games you would see at a carnival. They gave us tickets for food and to do some of the games. I got my face painted with my friend Rachel. They also had a DJ playing music. It was kind of funny to see the groups taste in music. When they would play hip hop, those that loved hip hop would dance to it and some others would not. When they played pop or rock, those that loved that music would start dancing and the others would stop. At least they tried to please everybody. Like I said, they are good at catering to all of us from all walks of life.


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