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Monday, May 15, 2006

Jason's First Day

One of the funnest things about being on the Disney college program is having our days off. We got two days off in a row during the week. On those days we would go to the parks and have a blast. The first time I went I was so excited. I hadn't been to Disney World since about 1989. We got a wheelchair for my roommate Jason, the one I met at the airport, to take him around the parks. You see, on his first day of work, he said he was so excited running to catch the bus that he wasnt' paying attention to where he was stepping. He steps on the edge of the sidewalk and twisted his ankle. He said it was sore but he still stood on it all day at work. When he got home and took a look at it, it was so swollen, black and blue. The poor guy, however, it was sort of a benefit to us. While we pushed him around the parks in wheelchair, we got to take him down the fastpass/wheelchair line, which passes the long lines. So we got to ride twice as many rides in half the time. What a trooper, Jason took one for the team.


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