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Monday, May 22, 2006

Protein Spill? What's That?

At Disney World we like to keep a neutral profile, or let me say, a place where guest may have a wonderful time in a wonderful environment. As cast members we use some codes to not let guests worry when the lions have escaped from their cages. Don't worry folk, it's not that serious. Any way, one of my favorite codes that I thought was funny was "protein spill" it means that some one has spilled their protein, or in other words, thrown up somewhere in the park. As gross as that sounds, it's a real snap to clean up. There is a chemical called Voban that we sprinkle on the spill and let it soak in. It absorbs and refreshes the smell to something more pleasent. Then we sweep it up, wash out our pan and broom and whalah! The jobs a game! I think popcorn spills are worse because when you try to sweep them up, it breaks up the popcorn and makes a mess. It's hard to get all the little pieces.


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